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How To Drive Growth With Winning Customer-Centric Content?

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The reality is that customer-centric companies stand out more and fare better with their target audience. When the customer is at the centre of every business decision, the end result is a product that customers love and adore. Building a customer-centric content strategy is an opportunity for companies to form a solid following, generate high-quality […]

How To Create A Better Demand Generation Campaign?

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Demand generation is an important part of growing a company’s clientele. It is meant to nurture prospects and get them excited about the company’s products and services. Demand generation requires the alignment of sales and marketing efforts. A comprehensive demand generation campaign can help the sales team target the right buyers and secure a better […]

How Digital Transformation Can Help Businesses Align Their Marketing And Sales To Drive Growth?

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It has been nearly a quarter-century since commercial use of the Internet and the World Wide Web began. During this time, the business landscape has changed at a frantic pace. Large multinational corporations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Uber have emerged as key players in our modern economy. Digital marketing extends beyond […]

What Is Phygital Marketing?

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Phygital marketing is an omnichannel marketing approach and it’s helping businesses to create seamless customer experiences. Phygital brings together both digital and real-life physical experiences to deliver superior, interactive, and immersive experiences at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Phygital marketing has proven to be a critical element for the survival of brick and mortar […]

How Can Location-Based Marketing Boost Real-Time Engagement With Customers?

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Smartphones and mobile technology have changed the entire structure of digital marketing. These smartphones are equipped with tracking features that can provide the geographical location of a person with pinpoint accuracy. This incredible feature has changed the thinking of digital marketing. Large and small companies are increasingly using location-based marketing to reach their customers more […]

Why Is Conversational Marketing A Rising Trend In Digital Marketing?

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Conversational marketing is expected to grow in the year 2021. The ability to personalise communication between customers and brands can have a positive impact on customer relationships. This type of marketing has the potential to elevate customer experience exponentially. FAQs, forms, emails, chatbots, and the website interface allow marketers to have conversations with customers in […]

Social Media Trends For 2021

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Social media platforms have become an excellent medium for digital interactions between companies and customers. The competitive and complex nature of social media means that organizations must constantly calibrate their digital marketing strategy to keep engagement high. For a high-impact digital marketing plan, optimising social channels and awareness of new social media trends is crucial. […]

The Most Important Digital Marketing KPIs You Should Track To Increase Sales

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Every digital business deploying digital marketing strategies to grow its revenue must be able to track different quantifiable metrics to understand the pitfalls and successes of its marketing campaigns. Without this vital knowledge, marketers cannot optimise their strategies to improve the ROI. Key Performance Indicators or KPIs help businesses to analyse each metric that matters […]

How Web Design Can Help Transform And Improve Sales?

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Websites are a vital part of modern businesses today. Websites act as promotional platforms for businesses to market their products and services as well as a medium to attract new customers. Web design is of paramount importance to build customer loyalty. A substandard web design can lead to negative first impressions among the target audience. […]

Top Web Security Trends To Watch Out In 2021

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With the rising onslaught of cyber attacks on companies, web security is one of the biggest priorities for businesses in 2021. The shift to remote work environments is laying inroads for further cyber-attacks. The WFH environments deployed hastily at the beginning of the pandemic were exploited by hackers to their advantage. As companies learn to […]

Website Migration – The Ultimate Checklist To Successfully Your Website To A New Host

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What is website migration? Website migration is a process that a website undergoes in order to change its setup or technology. Migration implies profound changes in regards to the website’s platform, structure, content, location, design, or UI/UX. Site migration may lead to significant revenue and traffic loss that may last from anywhere between a few […]

How To Use Schema Markup To Improve A Website’s Structure?


Websites are a necessity for digital companies. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vital strategy to help a company’s website rank better in search results. It aims to increase the online presence and website visibility by ranking higher within all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Studies have shown that 91.5% of […]

Why Is UI/UX Design A Critical Part Of A Modern Business’s Growth?

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UI/UX defines a business’s success because it defines user satisfaction. Most visitors leave a website after 10-20 secs and most users abandon apps after a month of use. The common denominator in these statistics is poor UI/UX. When a company invests in good UI/UX design, they create a better user experience which enhances customer satisfaction […]

Top Web Technologies That Will Transform Web Development

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Web development trends are always evolving. In a digitally competitive market, keeping up with the latest trends is inevitable for growth. There are 1.8 billion websites on the internet today. While a website is an essential entity for a digitally equipped business, a good website always stands out from the crowd. Developers are always on […]

The Growth Of Robotics In A Post-COVID Era

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Today, we are witnessing a bigger proliferation of robotics in every industry- healthcare, pharmaceutical, automobile, and more. In a post-COVID era, robotics alongside artificial intelligence is paving the way for ‘contact-less’ solutions that can help solve everyday problems. Robots have been used in hospitals and healthcare centres for cleaning/disinfecting premises, delivering food, medicines, and other […]

Total Experience – The New Buzzword Everyone Should Know About

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It is no longer sufficient for brands to sell a product; they need to sell an experience. Total-experience (TX), an intersection of customer, employee, and user experience, is a new concept that is anticipated to become a priority for tech and retail companies in the future.  According to Gartner, TX will become a key metric […]