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How To Leverage Social Media To Build Brand Awareness?

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Brand awareness is critical for companies to acquire new customers. Social media platforms have become the digital gateway for customers to engage with and shop from their preferred brands. Businesses are leveraging social media as an interactive medium to build brand awareness and find new leads. Marketing teams are using social media analytics to create […]

Top Trends That Will Dominate 2021

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The way businesses had to rapidly adjust their strategies to ensure that they mitigate the risks of the pandemic and survive the financial and operational crisis will shape the trends for the coming year. Digital transformations and pivots are creating more opportunities in manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail, consumer products, media, and technology. Improvements in […]

The Top 2020 Trends – A Year In Review

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The year 2020 has been full of unprecedented events and upheaval. In the business environment, there have been significant changes in terms of operations. More people are working remotely than ever before. These trends will likely carry forward next year as well. There is a greater demand for flexible working hours within medium and large […]

Supply Chain – How To Build A Resilient Supply Chain For A Post-Covid World?

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A priority for a post COVID revival plan of global organisations is to build more resilient supply chains. A study by Capgemini Research Institute stated that more than 80% of organisations have reported their supply chains being negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, with a majority of these businesses struggling across all aspects of their […]

Customer Perception – The Importance Of Building A Strong And Positive Customer Perception

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Business leaders recognise the importance of positive customer perception to build brand loyalty and gain a competitive advantage. With increasing competition, advancement in technology, and changing consumer trends, there is a greater need for marketers to encompass customer’s emotions when formulating marketing strategies. Positive customer perception plays an important role in the success story of […]

Pivoting – When Is The Right Time To Pivot?

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All entrepreneurs and businesses hit hard times and tough choices. Some survive because they stick to their original idea, while others survive because they pivot. There are different types of pivots and each type of pivot requires making a significant change to the existing business model. But, to make a pivot successful one must have […]

Retargeting Campaign – The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Retargeting Campaign

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We have spoken about the importance of retaining and acquiring customers before. Customer retention and customer acquisition are important for businesses as a growth driver. Statistically, 97% of customers who visit a company’s website leave without ever making a purchase. Retargeting campaigns are designed to attract these customers. It is a strategic move to remind […]

Next Generation IoT – The New Disruptive Technology You Need To Know About

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptive technology that is changing the way physical things interact with each other. The rich data collected by these interconnected devices have allowed digital companies to transform their products and services. The new generation of IoT systems is built with inherent embedded intelligence, connectivity, and data processing capabilities […]

UX – How To Design An Excellent User Experience?

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The definition of user experience (UX) is contentious. The term user experience is too broad and contains multiple dimensions. User experience takes different iterations even within the UX community. Multiple disciplines come under user experience such as interaction design, usability engineering, and information architecture. The term “user experience” was coined by Dr Donald Norman, a […]

Work Management Systems – What Is A Work Management System And How Is It Helping The Remote Workforce?

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While we wait for the pandemic to pass, one is for sure- remote work environments are here to stay. Although most companies were compelled to adopt a remote working system due to the pandemic situation, most of them are reviewing their organizational structure to incorporate remote working permanently for all or at least some of […]

International SEO – How To Optimise Websites For Other Countries?

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Multinational organizations need to consider international SEO to grow and scale their business in foreign markets. Optimizing the website and formulating region-specific content can help companies to connect better with their international target audience. Implementing the right international SEO practices can help companies to grow their business regionally and improve ROI. Organizing the website as […]

How Can AI Help Your Marketing Automation Be More Intelligent?

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Artificial Intelligence is labelled as the next digital frontier. AI is facilitating the rapid growth of marketing automation. Investments in marketing automation have grown vigorously. According to a Forrester report, spending on marketing automation technology is predicted to reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023. As the industry continues to spearhead growth, a lot of marketing […]

Business Expansion – How To Expand Your Business Into New Markets?

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Expanding your business into new markets is a natural progression to grow the company. Business expansion requires adequate capital, thorough market research, and the appropriate entry method to establish a core foundation in the new market.  Business ambitions aside, the definitive signs that your company is reading for expansion are The company has a steady […]

A Definitive Guide To Lead Nurturing

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The sales process has evolved rapidly and customers’ relationship with marketing is different than what it used to be. Today’s consumers are researching products and services on their own. Consumers are more cautious and they are reluctant to engage with businesses until later in the decision-making process. Thus it’s becoming harder for marketers to build […]

Backlinks – The Importance Of Quality Backlinks

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Backlinks are an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They play a vital role in a website’s performance and ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). The more backlinks a website generates, the more popular it will be on the SERP. Although SEO has undergone multiple changes over the years, backlinks remain an important […]