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How To Map Complex Customer Journey?

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In a customer-centric world, mapping the data of the customer journey can help organizations to understand their audience better. This knowledge can drive better product development, marketing, UX, and merchandising decisions. Customer journey is at the core of Customer Experience (CX), mapping out these journeys is vital to improve customer experience and tap into the […]

Content Marketing – How To Use Content Marketing To Boost Conversion?

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The new generation of consumers are well informed buyers who do their research before they make a purchase. Creating quality content for your audience is an important step in converting these prospects into customers. Content marketing is a powerful tool to reach and engage with your target audience, and to create informative content that educates […]

Customer Experience – Driving Customer Experience With Digital Transformation

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The digital revolution has been a disruptive trend for every industry, sector, and domain of business. Digital transformation has brought about fundamental changes in business models of corporations of all sizes. Most importantly it has reshaped how businesses deliver value to their customers, and interact with them. Digital transformation is driven by growth opportunities, increased […]

Privacy – Pacing Privacy Policies With Rapid Digital Transformation

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The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformations across all industries. We have witnessed more digital transformation in the first half of 2020 than we have experienced in the last two decades. Majority of industries have adopted digital technologies to automate manual processes, and simplify internal business processes, to create efficiency and reduce […]

How To Create Your Buyer Persona?

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What is a persona in digital marketing? A persona is a fictional character that represents the characteristics of the target audience. Personas define key traits of the target audience such as who they are, their motivations, their needs, their technical skills, and any factors that impact their interactions with businesses. A buyer persona is an […]

Customer Retention – Why Customer Retention Is Important For ROI, Customer Loyalty And Business Growth?

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There is a lot of value in retaining customers. Which is why enterprises dedicate so much energy and resources to keep their existing customers, along with acquiring new ones. Organisations that fail to recognise the importance of customer retention pay a hefty price in terms of lost revenue and profit margins. Studies of SaaS companies […]

How AI Is Transforming Customer Service And Customer Experience?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the digital landscape. The automation of manual processes, with the help of AI and machine learning, has a tremendous advantage in terms of efficiency, cost, and time management. AI is transforming the way we work, with its ability to provide more data-driven insights, which is helping businesses make better-informed decisions. […]

Business Growth Plan – Preparing Your Business For A Post Pandemic World

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The Covid-19 pandemic continues to shape our new normal. The market and consumer dynamics have changed over the course of the last 7 months, as a result of this global crisis. Some of these changes, especially consumer behavioural and cultural changes, will definitely become permanent, post covid. Even when the dust settles, the ramifications of […]

Personalisation vs Privacy Paradox – How To Balance Personalisation With Data Privacy?

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Rapid digitisation and monopoly of tech giants have brought us a new paradox; Personalisation vs Privacy Paradox. The competition for customers’ attention has driven focus to Customer Experience Management. The objective of personalisation is to enrich consumer experience, with a bespoke and personalised service. Customer expectations are at an all-time high. Today’s customers expect personalisation […]

How To Stay On Top Of Market Trends In A Dynamic Environment?

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Successful business leaders are successful because they stay ahead of the competition. To be ahead of the curve, one must keep a keen eye on all of the latest market trends. In a dynamic environment, market trends are always evolving. Being informed about your surroundings, and keeping up with emerging trends, can mean the difference […]

How A High Performance Mobile Site Can Improve Your Bottom Line?

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Time spent by consumers on the mobile web has increased an astonishing 575% in a span of three years, from 2017-2019. On average, people are spending 143 minutes a day on mobile devices, and this number is set to hit 150 minutes by 2021. The ease of use and accessibility of mobile devices means that […]

Programmatic Advertising – A Guide To Programmatic Advertising

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Digital advertising has become the dominant choice of marketing for most organizations, instead of traditional advertising. As manual processes give way to automation in digital advertising, Programmatic Advertising is quickly becoming the most preferred choice of buying and selling online ads. Traditional advertising is inefficient, expensive and time-consuming. More marketers and advertisers are re-directing their […]

How To Build A Powerful Brand?

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What is a brand? A brand is a unique name, term, logo, symbol, or design that organisations use to distinguish themselves from their competitors. A brand identity can be built with one, or a combination of these elements. It also reflects the public perception of a company and its products. A brand is the reputation […]

Top CRM Trends of 2020

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Customer Relationship Management is the combination of strategies, software, and processes, in order to manage all customer interactions. CRM is important because it helps businesses build long-term customer relationships, increasing customer retention.  CRM tools and software help businesses to track and analyse all customer interactions, through various channels. These channels include websites, social media, mail, […]

What Is The Future Of Digital Advertising?

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Digital advertising has seen incredible investment in the past few years. With the global population going digital, most companies are adopting their advertising and marketing strategies to cater to a digital audience. The transition from traditional advertising to digital has been on the rise. Digital technologies allow direct search and response from multiple channels, such […]

Remote Work Environments – The New Normal For The Post Covid Corporate World

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The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has led to widespread disruptions. It has changed how we interact with each other as well as how we work. The new normal in a post covid world is the onset of trends, such as minimal face-to-face interactions, social distancing, remote work environments, greater digital transactions, and virtual meet-ups. […]