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How Companies Are Adapting Their Business Strategy To Sustain Themselves During The Covid-19 Crisis?

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Many countries across Europe and other continents are cautiously lifting their lockdowns to revive their dwindling economies. Agile companies are being proactive and adapting their business strategy to recover from the massive losses incurred during this pandemic. Most companies are continuing with remote work environments and securing their supply chains in this post lockdown period. […]

How COVID-19 Has Led To The Increase In Use Of Social Media For Customer Service?

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As the global population continues to self-isolate to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, we are seeing more businesses using social media to stay in touch with their customers. Social media platforms are being used by more companies to offer customer service for those with questions and queries.  At such a time, businesses need […]

How Can You Maintain Your Conversion Rates During COVID-19?

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The novel coronavirus has left the global economy in shambles. A lot of industries are incurring heavy losses and unemployment rates are rising steadily across the globe. Companies across multiple industries fear that the economic impact of Covid-19 will be felt for many years to come. The ramifications of this outbreak would be primarily felt […]

Why Video Content Is King?

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It is well established that “content is king”. What started as a phrase coined by billionaire Bill Gates has proven to be the tried and tested truth of the 21st Century Digital Age. For the internet-driven generation, video content is the absolute king. It’s no secret that creating relevant content around your brand is very […]

What Makes A Website Great?

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There are billions of websites in the world today. With such a staggering number, it is a tough task to stand out in this crowded space. All good websites have some key features such as an outstanding design, easy navigation, and great performance. A website, just like mobile apps, is a powerful tool of communication […]

What Makes An App Great?

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Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives today and continue to grow in popularity. We use them to stay connected with our loved ones, conduct business and solve everyday problems. An astounding 90% of our screen time is spent on apps, and according to statistics, the average smartphone users use 9 apps […]

If Your Business Is Currently Experiencing A Down-Turn Due To COVID-19, Use The Time To Realign Your SEO Strategy


The first quarter of 2020 has been unpredictable, to say the least. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how unprepared the world is to deal with global epidemics. Governments and health organisations are fighting to save lives and control the spread of Covid-19, amid an acute shortage of medical supplies and PPE’s (personal protective equipment) worldwide. […]

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important For Business Survival Right Now?

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The Covid-19 outbreak has impacted countries across the globe, effectively grinding them to a halt. This outbreak has impacted all businesses, disrupting manufacturing industries and logistics on an unprecedented level. With the threat of a potential economic recession looming, businesses are prioritising investments in automation and IT operations to support remote work environments. With working […]

How To Write A Good Blog That Engages Your Audience?

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The art of storytelling is as old as human kind. It’s through the power of words that humans have always found a release of their emotion. This art form has taken a new shape in the 21st century as the art of blogging. Besides the obvious necessity of a good grasp over the language, grammar, […]

How To Cut Through The Crowded Market Of Social Media?

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Social media has inevitably become the boon and bane of our life. Social media has led the digital transformation of the noughties with the introduction of giants like Facebook and Youtube paving the way for the rest. As of 2019, 3.5 billion people were using social media platforms worldwide which is 45% of the total […]

Should You Be Hiring An Influencer?

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The advent of social media has led to the creation of a whole new job description- social media influencers. As industries continue to transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing, there comes a point where one may consider hiring an influencer as part of their digital marketing strategy. But how and when to delve into […]