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Company culture, operating procedures and business strategy are rooted in the past and have failed to adapt to the emerging digital economy. What worked in the past no longer does and your organisation needs to evolve and digital Adaptation is the key.

If your organisation is going to harness the full potential of the web, we believe it needs to make fundamental business changes. Business need to Adapt to the changing environment to survive.

Sector after sector have been transformed by the new digital economy. Newspapers have found advertising revenue and readership evaporate, music retailers have shut their door in the face of digital downloads, and companies like Blockbuster have been supplanted by digital offerings such as Netflix. To think your sector will be an exception is to under-estimate the profound impact of the web on society and business. It will not be long before new post-digital companies begin to disrupt your sector, too. Adaptation is the key to success.

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Many countries across Europe and other continents are cautiously lifting their lockdowns to revive their dwindling economies. Agile companies are being proactive and adapting their business strategy to recover from the massive losses incurred during this pandemic. Most companies are continuing with remote work environments and securing their supply chains in this post lockdown period. […]