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The remote working environment is one where a company’s workers are allowed to work from home — more accurately, from anywhere they want. It’s a situation that becomes necessary when organizations employ people from locations where there is no physical office to report to.

The enhanced ability to communicate and operate has in many ways created an always-on, always-available expectation from employers in various industries. For the most part, today’s employees—especially tech-savvy younger ones—accept this reality. In return, they often want greater leeway in how and where they work.

Employers have responded. More progressive companies recognize how this give-and-take can be a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting talent. In many places, remote-work environments are no longer just a luxury option, they’re a standard feature.

Remote work has become possible thanks to the technology and various tools available. Advancements in technology and devices, including the Cloud, and several online communication tools, have massively contributed to the rising popularity of remote work. A PGi survey showed that a reported 91% of telecommuters had been provided with company laptops, 76% have access to company data, and 75% use web conferencing tools. With online communication tools, staying connected is easier than ever.

In recent years, remote work has been investigated quite a bit by academics, news organizations, businesses, and government agencies – all looking to come up with statistics about how flexibility impacts the marketplace. Plenty of studies, news articles and white papers provide an array of statistics about remote work, and the many benefits telecommuting offers to both employers and workers. Remote work environment has increased productivity, reduced stress and boosted morale.

Remote working is not and will not be for everyone, and not for 100% of industries. But in the growing number of industries that remote work is a viable way of doing business, there are some significant benefits for both employees and employers.

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